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If the question is “Which Edmonton excavating company should you work with” – the correct answer is always VCL General Contracting!

From digging septic tanks to excavating for a driveway, all of our work is done with care and professionalism. Our team utilizes proper technology in a timely manner to provide the most satisfying experience. Whether residential, commercial, or industrial – if you need an Edmonton excavating contractor, you know whom to call. Leave your work to one of the most reliable companies in town!

The Types of excavating Equipment We Use

As their name suggests, excavators are the ideal machine for any excavation work – along with excavators, we have other heavy equipment such as front end loaders, skid steers, backhoes, augers, breakers and waste bins! All of this heavy machinery is required and utilized to complete your work efficiently.

frequently asked questions

Excavation requires heavy machinery, so when you hire an excavating contractor, provide the proper space so they can work comfortably. Try to make the site as accessible as possible by reducing any obstacles. You should remove any obstructing items to provide a clear way for the heavy machinery to get to the worksite. 

Excavation companies use heavy machinery and typically communicate with the property owner to confirm about what may need protection. Marking utilities would keep them safe, and the workers would know which things to look out for. It would be best to mark the utilities and communicate with the excavation services provider about the utilities being marked.

As you may have guessed, of course! Excavation service providers use different sorts of heavy equipment which is surely going to make some noise. Excavators, skid steers, and other heavy equipment are utilized for the projects, and when such heavy machinery is at work, you are surely going to hear it.

Each of our team members are trained to be aware of safety precautions during wet weather and the proper steps needed to be taken when protecting the construction sites to minimize the risk in the least amount of time. Rain is, of course, one of the biggest issues we face during seasonal work. In many instances we’ll just cover the area thoroughly with a tarp and some weights or stakes to hold the tarp in place so that there isn’t any damage to the site.

You will know when you require a new septic system once you begin to feel a bad odor near your septic tank. The drainage will also become slower, and won’t work as you are used to. In this case you would need to hire an excavating contractor to resolve your problem.
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Trusted by our clients for over 22 years, we are an experienced excavating company having expertise in all types of construction works. Excavating is a heavy task – you require professional help to get the job done safely and efficiently. Contact VCL Contracting today for a free quote!

We are your trusted Edmonton excavating company, rely on VCL Contracting to get the job done right the first time! Excavation is only one of the services we specialize in – check out all of our services.

Our promise of safety and integrity comes first. This family business hails from Edmonton and looks forward to providing the community the best service we can.

We only hire professionals that know how to get the job done quickly and efficiently – without leaving a mess on site! Our previous testimonials speak for themselves – their trust keeps us in business. 

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Need to lay foundation, want your backyard leveled, or simply need to get rid of some dirt? You can trust VCL excavation services to provide the best experience for your job.